How China Prizewinning Hack Against?

Similarly, Does China have hackers?

Additionally, as China’s alleged hacking has become more egregious, specific Chinese hackers are being indicted. But maybe things are changing. China’s Foreign Ministry and its cybersecurity companies have been publicly denouncing suspected US cyberespionage since the beginning of 2022.

Also, it is asked, Can China hack Apple?

According to reports, Chinese hackers taking part in the annual Tianfu Cup in Chengdu, China, were able to quickly compromise the security of the most recent iPhone, the iPhone 13 Pro, which was using the iOS 15.0. 2 operating system. At the Tianfu Cup international hacking competition, the iPhone 13 Pro was compromised.

Secondly, What was the biggest hack in history?

considered to be the most expensive and devastating hack in history. carried out by Cutting Sword of Justice, an Iranian assailant organization. Iranian hackers unleashed Shamoon as payback for Stuxnet. Over 35,000 Saudi Aramco systems were damaged by the infection, which disrupted company operations for months.

Also, Who is best hacker in India?

The top 10 well-known ethical hackers from India that you should be aware of in 2022 are listed below. Fadia, Ankit. Ramachandran, Vivek Bright Vaghela. Dutta, Koushik. Richard Tyagi Trinity Arora It’s Sangeet Chopra. Sathish Sai.

People also ask, Does China hack TikTok?

Later, based on more than 80 hours of leaked calls it called the “TikTok Tapes,” a story by BuzzFeed News says that TikTok personnel in China had “repeatedly” accessed U.S. customers’ data. The paper claims that between September 2021 and January 2022, engineers in China had access to user data from the United States.

Related Questions and Answers

Which country has best hackers in world?


Who hacked iPhone 13?

With the use of a remote code execution vulnerability in the mobile Safari web browser, the Kunlun Lab team, whose CEO was once the CTO of Qihoo 360, was able to hack the iPhone 13 Pro live on stage.

Who is the youngest hacker in the world?

Corey von Hassel

How much money can a hacker make?

In the US, the average salary for an ethical hacking position is around $119,000. Minneapolis has one of the lowest median incomes in the country at around $97,000, while San Francisco has the highest at an average of $150,000.

Who is the No 1 hacker in Pakistan?

Baloch, Rafay

How good are Indian hackers?

HIGHLIGHTS. India has the 15th-best cybersecurity ranking in the world. The most secure position was 60, and the least was number one. The network, security, and privacy services site Comparitech performed research across 60 nations.

Has Google ever been hacked?

One of the most well-known and extensively utilized email services is Gmail, or Google Account, which makes it a prominent target for hackers. Despite Google’s top-notch security and safety safeguards, there have been instances of Google accounts being compromised in the past.

Is TikTok a threat to the US?

While the danger posed by TikTok to American national security is still hypothetical, she adds, “the concern posed by Twitter and Facebook is well-documented, particularly as it pertains to domestic terrorism.” According to John P., these risks—both hypothetical and actual—have sparked a wider discussion about the proper means of international information transfer.

Who controls TikTok?

ByteDance, a technology corporation with headquarters in Beijing and established by Zhang Yiming, a Chinese billionaire businessman, owns TikTok. The 38-year-old was referred to as “the top entrepreneur in the world” as he was named one of Time Magazine’s 100 most important people in 2019.

Who is the No 2 hacker in world?

2. Anthony James Jonathan James, often known as “c0mrade,” has a horrible life story. He started hacking at a young age, succeeded in breaking into various government and commercial networks, and was imprisoned as a result while still a child.

Are there hackers in India?

An expert in Indian computer security, Benild Joseph is a security researcher, TEDx speaker, and Limca Book record holder. He is one of the top 10 moral hackers in India according to Silicon Indian Magazine and the Microsoft Social Forum. He is a well-known white hat hacker worldwide.

Do Google hire hackers?

The CBS piece listed several well-known businesses that use experienced hackers, such as Square and Google. Even Apple, whose merchandise is renowned for its immunity to viruses, has employed hackers.

How old is Kevin Mitnick?

58 years (Aug) Age of Kevin Mitnick

Which phones Cannot be hacked?

Here is our ranking of the safest phones available today: K-iPhone, one of the safest phones, Bittium Tough Mobile 2C. The safest phones are Solarin models from Sirin Labs. Purism Librem 5 is one of the most secure mobile devices. Finney UL1 by Sirin Labs.

How can WIFI get hacked?

Hackers may compromise the security of your home WiFi by using a method known as DNS (Domain Name Server) hijacking, which has the potential to do you a lot of damage. They may reroute your traffic to a website they control, resulting in you unknowingly providing a criminal with your credit card number or Facebook login information.

Has Apple been hacked?

The one billion iPhone users have now been informed that they are not alone. Unbelievably, a mysterious business known as QuaDream has been hacking iPhones for more than five years, giving consumers access to their microphones, cameras (front and back), and real-time call tracking.

Who is the 1st hacker?

Robert Morris was one of the earliest internet hackers and unquestionably the first to get notice from the mainstream media in 1989. His was the first “Denial of service” assault in history, and the worm Morris created at Cornell University the previous year was the reason for it.

How long do hackers go to jail?

You will be charged with a felony if you broke into a computer to steal information worth more than $5,000, conduct another crime, or for financial gain. You might spend up to ten years in federal prison and pay a fine up to $10,000 if you are found guilty of a crime.

Who is youngest hacker in India?

Onkar Sonawane, a 17-year-old teenage entrepreneur, assists businesses in protecting themselves from any online security dangers. He is the most youthful expert in cyber security and ethical hacking. He is the creator and CEO of his own business, “AlanceSec.”

Which country pays highest salary to hackers?

1. American ethical hacker salaries $67,470 – $101,389 for Booz, Allen, and Hamilton. $32,133 – $86,327 US Army. USAF pay ranges from $48,029 to $81,490. $59,045 – $104,805 General Dynamics Information Technology Inc. $69,043 to $113,000 for Lockheed Martin Corp.

Can hackers get rich?

monetary value Of course, being a penetration tester would be the simplest method for a hacker to earn money. In essence, penetration testing is legal, ethical hacking. You may have a successful career and feel quite satisfied with your work without breaking the law.

Do hackers steal money?

Computer hackers are generating more money than ever because to ransomware assaults, information theft, online data sales, and large ransom payments for decrypting encrypted data.


The “tianfu cup” is a Chinese music award. It was created in 1958 and has been awarded to many famous artists since then. The prize consists of a porcelain cup, which is decorated with the phrase “The first prize of art”.

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