What Is A Rom Hack?

A ROM hack is a fan-made modification of a video game ROM.

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What is a Rom Hack?

A ROM hack is a fan-made version of a game that has been modified by someone other than the original developer. They can be created for many reasons, including to make the game easier or harder, to add new features or characters, or even just to change the graphics or dialogue.

Hacks are usually distributed as patches that can be applied to a ROM file of the original game, but they can also come in the form of stand-alone ROMs that include all of the changes.

Applying a patch to a ROM can usually be done with a program like Lunar IPS, and running a patched ROM on an emulator like VisualBoy Advance will allow you to play the hacked game. Playing on original hardware is also possible, but it requires special hardware called an EverDrive that can read patched ROMs.

There are thousands of different ROM hacks available for games on nearly every console, and new ones are being created all the time. Some of the most well-known and beloved hacks are Super Mario World: The Lost Levels, which added dozens of new levels to Super Mario World; Zelda: parallel worlds, which completely changed the world map and dungeon layout of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past; and Pokémon Brown, which replaced all of the Pokémon in Pokémon Red and Blue with species that were originally cut from the games.

The Different Types of Rom Hacks

There are several different types of Rom Hacks. The first type is a transition hack. This type of hack changes the order of the game’s events. For example, a transition hack for Super Mario Bros. 3 could start with World 8 instead of World 1. The second type is a graphics hack. This type of hack changes the game’s graphics.

ROM Hacks That Change The Gameplay

One of the most common types of rom hacks are ones that change the gameplay. This can be anything from adding new items, to changing the way the game plays. For example, there are rom hacks that add a whole new questline to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, or ones that make all the Pokémon in FireRed shiny. There are also more drastic changes, like hacks that turn Super Mario Bros. into a completely different game, with different graphics and gameplay. These types of rom hacks can be a lot of fun to play, and can offer a whole new experience for gamers.

ROM Hacks That Change The Graphics

One popular type of ROM hack is a graphics hack. As the name suggests, this type of hack changes the game’s graphics. This can be anything from a new character sprite to a complete graphical overhaul of the game. Some graphics hacks even change the in-game text to look like it was written in another language, which can be quite comical.

Graphics hacks are usually made by people who are proficient in pixel art, and they can take a fair amount of time to make. However, there are some tools that can help make the process a little bit easier. One such tool is IPS patching, which allows for easy implementation of graphic changes without having to edit the game’s ROM directly.

Another popular type of ROM hack is a gameplay hack. As the name suggests, this type of hack changes the way the game is played. This can be anything from adjusting the game’s difficulty to changing major plot points. Some gameplay hacks even add entirely new features to the game, such as new items, characters, and locations.

Gameplay hacks are usually made by people who are familiar with programming and/or game design. They can take a fair amount of time to make, but they can also be very rewarding to play. If you’re looking for a challenge, then gameplay hacking might be for you!

ROM Hacks That Change The Story

There are many types of ROM hacks, but one of the most popular is altering the story of the game. This can include anything from changing the dialogue to a completely different plot. Some story changes are small and only affect one character, while others completely change the game’s world.

One popular example is Mega Man Zero 4, which changes the story from the original Mega Man Zero games. In this hack, Zero no longer works for Dr. Wily and instead tries to stop him. The game also features new bosses, items, and abilities. The Mega Man X series has also been subject to various story hacks. In these hacks, X is often kidnapped or left for dead, and it’s up to Zero or another character to save him.

Another type of ROM hack that’s become popular is converting games into other genres. For example, there are hacks that turn RPGs into first-person shooters or platformers into fighters. These types of hacks are usually more difficult to create and aren’t as common as other types of hacks.

How to Apply a Rom Hack

A ROM hack is a modification of a game’s ROM image, which is a type of data that stores information on a game cartridge or CD. ROM hacks can range from simply changing some text to adding new levels, characters, and gameplay mechanics. Applying a ROM hack is usually simple and only requires a few steps.

Applying a Gameplay Rom Hack

A Gameplay Rom Hack is a type of hack that changes the game itself, whether it be adding in new items, tweaking how certain things work, or anything in between. gameplay rom hacks are usually applied to a clean, unmodified rom; however, some hacks may require a specific version or other files in order to work properly. Most gameplay rom hacks also come with readmes detailing how to apply the patch and what, if any, other files are needed.

If you’re not sure whether or not a given hack is a gameplay rom hack, check the description or readme; if it’s not immediately clear, ask the creator of the hack or try looking online for more information. Once you’ve determined that you have a gameplay rom hack, follow these steps to apply it:

1. If the hack requires a specific version of the game, make sure you have that version. This is almost always listed in the patch’s readme.
2. If the hack requires any other files in order to work properly (such as a specific save file), make sure you have those as well.
3. Open up your chosen patching program. The three most popular ones are Lunar IPS, Floating IPS, and UPSPatcher; all three can be found easily with a quick Google search.
4. In your patching program, select the clean, unmodified rom as your “Patch File” and select the hacked rom as your “Output File”. If you’re using Lunar IPS or Floating IPS, you may also need to select an “ips” file associated with theHack; this will usually be included in the same folder as theHack itself.
5. Click “Apply Patch” and wait for the program to finish running; once it’s done, your hacked game should be ready to play!

Applying a Graphics Rom Hack

One of the most popular types of ROM hacks is graphics hacks. As you can imagine, these hacks change the graphics in the game to something else. For example, a graphics hack might make all the sprites in a game 8-bit instead of 16-bit. These changes can be minor, like sprite palette changes, or they can be major, like complete graphic overhauls.

To apply a graphics hack, you will first need to find a rom that has been hacked with the desired graphics. Once you have found such a rom, you will need to patch it onto a clean rom. To do this, you will need to use a program like Lunar IPS or Flips. For this tutorial, we will be using Lunar IPS.

Once you have Lunar IPS open and running, click on the “Apply Patch” button.

From here, select the clean rom and the patch file for the graphics hack you want to apply. Once both files are selected, click on the “OK” button.

Lunar IPS will now patch the clean rom with the desired graphics hack!

Applying a Story Rom Hack

If you want to hack the story of a game, you will need to find a story Rom Hack. These hacks usually involve replacing the game’s original scripts with new ones, which can change the plot and dialogue of the game.

To apply a story Rom Hack, you will first need to patch the game’s ROM file with the appropriate hack file. You can do this using a program like Lunar IPS Patcher. Once the hack has been patched onto the ROM file, you will be able to play it on an emulator or flashcart just like any other hacked ROM.


Now that you know what a ROM hack is, you can start looking for ones to play. Be aware that some hacks are of poorer quality than others, so it’s a good idea to read reviews before you download anything. Have fun!

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